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Policy and Regulatory Advice


Good practice development and implementation

We provide guidance to clients on identifying and implementing good practices within a range of areas including but not limited to; privacy and data protection, cyber security, big data analytics, disaster management, and the development and operation of security and surveillance technologies and activities. Our service includes the provision of practical steps for private clients to implement these best practices within their bespoke environments.

In addition, we are often tasked with identifying, assessing and synthesising current good practices within emerging and/or new technological areas for both public and private clients. Such analyses are leveraged by public and private sector clients and agencies to assist in the development of their business strategies.


Policy assessment and development

Our public sectors clients, including agencies, national governments, European Union institutions, and trans-national organisations, engage Trilateral to perform assessments of current policy regimes and provide them with guidance on developing future policies. Our research teams are skilled in identifying the impacts of policies and new technologies across diverse category of end-users. We excel in identifying the unintended and unanticipated risks, benefits, costs and societal impacts of policies and/ new technologies, thereby enabling clients to mitigate the negative consequences and repercussions that arise from new technologies and the rolling out policies, which fail to address the needs of all end-users.


Compliance monitoring and evaluation

Given both the legal and reputational risks inherent in not complying with current policies and regulations, it is essential that organisations can be confident their business activities meet all legal requirement, and that they can display a requisite level of due diligence. To this end we offer a compliance service whereby we assess and monitor your business operations, including ICT infrastructures, processes and organisational structure so as to evaluate how these activities comply with the policy and regulatory environment in which you operate. Our independent and confidential evaluation will both provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your business activities, as well as setting out specific and concrete steps they can take to address any identified risks and issues.

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