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Primary and Secondary Research


Industrial & commercial problem solving

Our industrial and commercial problem solving services include an end-to-end process of developing, testing and evaluating technology solutions. Trilateral conducts analyses of user requirements and has experience designing tools and solutions tailored to the needs of individual organisations and the challenges they face in their respective fields. Trilateral will also develop appropriate benchmarks and performance metrics to evaluate the new system and demonstrate measurable improvements using the solutions developed. Such verifiable gains help to increase the scalability of the solutions developed.


Policy mapping & legal analysis

Often new technology solutions need to consider regional or national policy frameworks and legal developments. For example, the rules on the use of drones vary between different countries, and even different cities. Trilateral has long experience undertaking reviews of relevant policies in Europe, European Member States, the US and further afield to identify policies relevant to particular technologies provide bespoke advice about issues to be considered. In addition, Trilateral legal experts can identify and analyse relevant legal frameworks to ensure new solutions comply with relevant legislation.


Human factors analysis and design

How people “feel” about a technology is the ultimate factor determining whether customers will adopt new technology solutions. Trilateral has experience analysing these human factors by conducting public opinion research, running focus groups and consulting with civil society organisations. We use this information to provide our clients with tailored advice about how to maximise public trust and acceptance of new technologies though advice about usability, privacy and data security by design and responsible research and innovation. Trilateral can help your company to build robust privacy and data security protections into your technology to make your product more attractive to customers.



Trilateral works with clients to assist them in developing robust strategies for exploiting their products or services. We identify potential customers, evaluate competitors and help clients ensure their product or service stands out from the crowd and fits with potential customers needs. We undertake market analyses and develop bespoke business plans for different solutions. In addition, we can forecast trends and identify the potential impacts of disruptive innovations both for the market and for our clients. We use this to further identify gaps in the market that our clients could potentially exploit given such disruptive innovations.


Exploratory Social Network Analysis

Network Analysis has become a powerful methodological tool in the social sciences that utilises technological innovation in the exploration of pervasive social issues and questions. In this respect, this methodology is in keeping with Trilaterals overall aim of combining technological innovation with a social perspective. This method allows us to visualise and explore social connections in and between groups. It provides a holistic view of the various interactions between nodes (dependant on the type of actors one is exploring) in a relationship. The strength is in its ability to both individually and collectively question the varying factors that define relationships in a network and, in so doing, to provide a holistic visual overview of these sets of relationships. 


Research Ethics

Designing and performing ethical research is a critical factor in all modern projects. Trilateral  has a team of proficient professionals trained and practiced in delivering a range of qualitative and quantitative ethical research services. We have experience in supporting a diverse range of ethics components in national, EU and international projects, including: preparing and submitting ethics applications for carrying out research, monitoring ethics practices, engaging with relevant data protection authorities, resolving ethical issues throughout the entire research process and producing compliance and results reports. Trilateral  support projects and researchers in working with and engaging appropriate ethical standards to ensure the adherence to a range of national, international, regional and industry requirements. We also provide research ethics consultations.

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