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Technology Assessment

Usability, functionality and implementation assessments of new technologies

With the vast proliferation of technologies, such as mobile phones, and the uptake in mobile applications, it is necessary to consider the experience of adopting, implementing and use of such technologies. For instance, the crisis management team within Trilateral have conducted a comparative review of the First Aid Application developed by the Global Disaster Preparedness Centre under the Universal App Program. The assessment involved a comparative analysis of the development, roll out and success of the implementation of the app by nine Red Cross Red Crescent societies across the globe. In addition, we have conducted an examination of appropriate social media analysis tools for disaster preparedness and risk reduction.


Ethics of new and emerging technologies

Some emerging and existing technologies yield the ability to transform daily operations, however, their very existence can create ethical problems. For example, tracking technologies to ensure the safety of humanitarian personnel in conflict zones may have implications relating to the tracking of persons, particularly the impact on their privacy. For our clients requiring an ethical assessment of new technologies, we examine ethical principles such as data management, misuse and dual use of technologies within society. Trilateral Research are deputy coordinators of a comprehensive European Commission funded project, SATORI which aims to improve the respect of ethical principles and laws in research and innovation practices. Such experience can support responsible research and innovation efforts in existing and emerging technologies. Through our role in this project, we will support technology designers and researchers in working with and engaging appropriate stakeholders to realise the implications of their technology, as well as supporting them in meeting societal expectations for the successful adoption of the technology.


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