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At Trilateral Research, we feel passionately about making the world a better place by providing Ethical AI solutions to tackle complex social problems.  

With award-winning services in research, data protection and cyber-risk, ethics innovation and sociotech insights our team takes an end-to-end approach that fully integrates the technical, legal and social science dimensions. This helps our clients answer the right questions, analyse the right data and get meaningful insights to focus their action for the greatest impacts. 

Our ethical AI has a tangible impact in the fight against the biggest challenges we are currently facing such as modern slavery and human trafficking, climate action, child exploitation, human security in conflict and crisis settings, and many more.

Trilateral Milestones

2004 - Founded

2009 - Growth strategy implementation in research driven impact

2012 - Expansion of interdisciplinary Innovation & Research Services

2015 - Launch of Data Protection and Cybersecurity services

2018 - Initiation of co-design of AI innovation activities – STRIAD, STRIAD:HAMOC & CESIUM

2022 – CESIUM validation

2023 - CESIUM and STRIAD:AIR launched

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