Making air pollution meaningful for Meath County Council

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Dr Ruaraidh Dobson | Programme Manager (Air Quality)
Trilateral Research |

Date: 1 April 2024

In a recent blog post on Air Quality News, Dr Ruaraidh Dobson sheds light on the transformative impact of STRIAD:AIR. This innovative AI tool helps to bridge the gap between support for climate action in theory and practice. It does this by transforming complex air pollution data into meaningful insights. These insights empower councils, governments, and public authorities to understand the real cost of air pollution, specifically on local lives and healthcare spending. By integrating with the custom Meath Environmental Platform, STRIAD:AIR provides residents in County Meath, Ireland with an innovative solution to easily understand and act upon local air quality data.

The potential impact of STRIAD:AIR is wide-reaching. Councils across Ireland can leverage the tool to gain public support for climate action projects and effectively lobby central government for necessary funding. Dr Dobson’s article emphasises the critical role that technology like STRIAD:AIR can play in addressing the pressing issue of air pollution and driving meaningful change at both local and national levels.

To learn more about the STRIAD:AIR project and its impact, read the full article here.

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