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Our culture

Our culture is based on delivering high-quality outputs, through our commitment and passion for what we do. We attract exceptional talent to work in an open and collaborative environment where the team culture provides support amongst peers and colleagues, encourages creative thinking with responsible innovative practices.

We believe in the strength of a diverse, gender-balanced environment with positive work-life balance, and value the passion and talents of our team

Exceptional talent to achieve positive impact

At Trilateral we focus our efforts on advancing knowledge and developing technologies in areas where we can make a difference in people’s lives and can enhance societal wellbeing.

Career development

Benefit from our interactive mentoring programme throughout your career at Trilateral, where you will learn from some of the brightest minds in the field, who will support you to integrate seamlessly into the organisation and take the next steps in your professional development. We set growth targets interactively and provide support and encouragement to enable you to discover and realise your professional goals.

Internship & student placement opportunities​

Jumpstart your career with an internship at Trilateral Research. Our internship opportunities are open to students with a Master’s, MBA, and PhD in the UK, Ireland and Europe. We also collaborate with top Universities to offer student placement programmes.

Women in innovation​

We create pathways and empower women with excellent ideas to meet their full potential. We ensure they have a seat at the table, inspire others and have a leading role within our organisation. We believe that when people with different backgrounds, views, approaches, and insights come together, they can achieve richer, more creative and innovative goals.

My internship at Trilateral

I have been a Research Analyst intern at Trilateral in the ARI team between 1st October 2020 and 31st December 2020. Despite starting my internship with a grant application about Adult Social Care, I was soon involved with the many projects and ideas debated at Trilateral. This enabled me to develop knowledge and skills in multiple sectors. 

What I appreciated the most of this experience was the confidence my manager had on me. I was given freedom to manage my time autonomously and flexibly, and I was treated as a member of the team since the first day. Moreover, the company is permeated by a positive vibe, where everybody is there to support and learn from each other.  

All in all, working at Trilateral was a great experience both from a personal and professional point of view. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to gain more insight about independent research which shares the same rigour of academia.

Silvia Miele, Research Analyst Intern

If you’re interested in making a tangible impact with your work, we’ll set the foundation and pathway.