Work with us to
address society’s

When you work with us, you are part of a community working together to combat complex social problems. We support  our people to work in a flexible fashion that works for them, to build their life outside as well as inside work.

Our culture

We are a diverse group of people with a culture built on our shared values. We care about each other, we help each other, we share what we know to the benefit of all. And we strive to do the best we can, always. Share your career with us, and we will support you, provide meaningful challenges, and make your time with us worthwhile.

Our Culture

Our values

Commitment to excellence

Commitment to excellence

We have high expectations that our work and conduct will be to a high standard

Knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing

We share to help us succeed as individuals and as teams



We see opportunities in change and have the courage and initiative to embrace them



We rely on each other



We treat our colleagues and our clients as we want to be treated.

Well-trained staff


We are not hesitant in asking for or giving help

Testimonies from our employees

Senior Research Analyst

Really appreciated that the staff are allowed the independence and space to take initiative to drive the research and develop new research ideas, but senior management kept pulse on the big picture and was always there to answer questions.

Senior Data Scientist

Always been happy and motivated to do good work, not only because of the kinds of problems we’re working on.

Data Protection Advisor

I have most enjoyed the cross-team collaboration and there was a fair number of opportunities to collaborate with colleagues from other teams and be involved in different projects.

Research Analyst

What I appreciated the most of this experience was the confidence my manager had on me. I was given freedom to manage my time autonomously and flexibly, and I was treated as a member of the team since the first day. Moreover, the company is permeated by a positive vibe, where everybody is there to support and learn from each other. All in all, working at Trilateral was a great experience both from a personal and professional point of view. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to gain more insight about independent research which shares the same rigour of academia.

Data Scientist

My initial expectations were met, wide variety of work and opportunities to grow.

Data Protection Advisor

Brilliant, one of the best managers I am ever likely to work for – he puts the needs of his staff first.

Research Analyst Intern

They really care about making a positive impact on society and the whole team is talented, warm and welcoming with a passion to learn new techniques and embrace technical challenges.

NLP Intern

My internship went beyond my expectations. My team and leaders were amazing. They gave me the chance to work independently to implement different NLP (Natural Language Processing) methods that will be useful for the HONEYCOMB project and any other NLP development within Trilateral.

Research Analyst

My manager has shown great leadership skills throughout my time in TRI (Trilateral Research), including showing real interest in the needs and the working environment of the people they manage.

Why work with us?

Equality and Diversity

58% of our people are female, and 17% reported an ethnicity other than white. Our mission is to develop ethical AI solutions to make the world a better place. We believe that when people with different backgrounds, views, approaches, and insights come together, they can achieve richer, more creative, and innovative results.

Women in management

55% of our managers are women and also 66% of our senior management is female. We create pathways and empower women with excellent ideas to meet their full potential. We ensure they have a seat at the table, inspire others and have a leading role within our organisation.

Flexible and Remote Working

100% of our people have flexible and remote working opportunities from day one. We know work life balance is a challenge and we support our employees to find the best mix that works for them


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