CESIUM Application

Safeguarding children with ethically designed technology.

In a 2022 validation exercise, CESIUM identified 16 vulnerable children up to six months before they were referred. Findings from a 2022 validation workshop forecast at least a 400% capacity gain with a multi-agency deployment of CESIUM.

CESIUM transforms safeguarding decision-making with new levels of protection for children who are vulnerable to exploitation

Child exploitation is among the most hideous crimes in our society. Through leveraging the value of the data held by safeguarding partnerships through the secure sharing of insights among partners, CESIUM augments multi-agency decision-making by identifying and prioritising vulnerable children.

The Problems

children in England identified by social services as being at risk of criminal exploitation by gangs 2020/2021 (source)

of recommendations in the 2022 Telford inquiry into child sexual exploitation focused on the importance of data sharing (source)

of the serious incident notifications and high profile inquiries, including the inquiries into the deaths of Victoria Climbié and Peter Connelly have cited problems with poor critical information exchange [source]


CESIUM augments professional judgement with evidence-based insights for safeguarding decision-making.

Making CESIUM Ethical

Preserving human dignity

Preserving human dignity

CESIUM’s algorithmic outputs, insights and digital literacy training seek to mitigate against de-humanising children through quantification and datafication.

Mitigating unintended discrimination

Mitigating unintended discrimination

CESIUM’s algorithmic insights uncover potential biases and blind spots in machine learning algorithms that lead to discriminatory decision-making.

Promoting dialogue

Promoting dialogue

CESIUM is co-designed to promote dialogue between safeguarding professionals.

CESIUM Ecosystem

Today’s societal problems are complex and multi-faceted. Technology has the power to help in incredibly valuable ways, but we believe it’s people who are (and should) remain at the heart of solving our biggest problems and making the right decisions. That’s why our ethical AI products are embedded in an ecosystem of sociotechnical services, from data protection and privacy to in-depth subject matter expertise.

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UK public sector organisations can acquire CESIUM through the government’s G-Cloud marketplace.

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CESIUM Success Stories

Chief Superintendent Jon McAdam

from Lincolnshire Police

We have been on a fascinating co-design journey with Trilateral Research over the last three years to develop CESIUM.  There have been significant benefits of using a research and development company committed to working with a public sector service such as Lincolnshire Police.  With a shared vision of safeguarding vulnerable children from harm, this has been an exciting journey, with the findings now demonstrating how a platform such as CESIUM can maximise our operational capability as a single agency and in a partnership setting.  We now look forward to the next steps of further integrating CESIUM into our operational processes to fully realise the potential of the system and to enhance our safeguarding arrangements. 

Chris Todd

from PSNI

London today with @Trilateral_UK team, @lincspolice & #NWG, a 3rd sector org focusing on child protection. Discussing ways of protecting vulnerable children. So refreshing to work with a tech provider that so fundamentally embraces #DataEthics at its heart. #DataAnalytics

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