Tackling child exploitation with ethical AI

Revolutionising child safeguarding with predictive risk modelling, improving the identification and referral of vulnerable children.

16,000 children face sexual exploitation in England  27,000 children at risk of exploitation by organised crime gangs 34,000 children involved in gang activity and experiencing violence 48 child sexual exploitation offences per day 15% increase in child sexual abuse / exploitation offenses 41% of serious incidents flagged for poor risk assessment and information sharing 42% increase in CCE reported as factor during social care assessment £10 billion lifetime cost of child sexual abuse  £84.9 million estimated policing cost for CSA/E offenses in 2024/25 34% of cases referred earlier to MACE  80% reduction in pre-screening time 400% capacity uplift

Optimised software

Secure access to multi-agency data
A single source of truth for each child
Comprehensive local area insights

Enhanced processes

Increased objectivity
Streamlined referrals
Targeted interventions

Improved outcomes

80% reduction in pre-screening time
400% capacity uplift
34% earlier safeguarding referral

core features

Less time on ‘at-desk’ research and administration means more time for safeguarding professionals to spend on safeguarding children.

Providing you with dynamic risk insights, showing changes in key risk indicators in near-real-time.

Utilising the latest Machine Learning (ML) technology to provide near real-time risk scores across your data.

A granular, interactive timeline of every individual’s risk-related events.

A highly interactive visualisation tool, allowing you to explore the individual’s social network.

Gain access to a geospatial picture of exploitation-related locations.

Harness CESIUM’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) models to classify and code statements

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How CESIUM identified 16 vulnerable children up to 6 months before safeguarding referral.

Use cases

White Paper

White Paper

The socio-economic impact of child exploitation in the UK

This detailed report gives insight into the criminal and sexual exploitation of children in the UK, and provides recommendations on the use of ethical AI as an enabler for change.

CESIUM: A ‘game-changing’ solution

Awards and accreditations

Our approach to Ethical AI

Our Ethical AI solutions tackle complex social problems using cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, data visualisation and integration, and cloud computing, with a strong focus on ethics and data protection as the key catalyst for a sustainable use of AI in the future.

Our team

Social Science and Law

Our social scientists and legal experts provide crucial insight into human behaviour and societal and legal dynamics; helping to understand how society works to inform our products and services.

Data Scientists

Data science is at the core of the solutions we develop, with our team ensuring solutions provide robust analysis, pattern recognition and insight extraction to inform innovative decision making. 

Data Protection

Our data protection specialists ensure that privacy, security, and fair treatment of personal data is at the heart of our solutions, implementing robust data governance practices throughout.


Our expert ethicists provide a unique insight into all facets of our solutions, identifying biases, and ensuring transparency, explainability, accountability and human-led decision making. 

Engineers and Designers

Our team of engineers and designers is dedicated to developing solutions that embody shared responsibility, transparency, accountability, and security in algorithms and user experiences. 


Trilateral is founded on robust research methods and insights, with our researchers informing best practice and continuous improvement in the development and delivery of our solutions. 

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