CESIUM presented to international audience at high profile CSA event

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Date: 23 May 2024

Gavin Day, Trilateral Research’s Client Relationship Lead, and Dr Julia Muraszkiewicz, Head of Programme – Exploitation and Violence were in attendance at PIER24’s ‘Tackling online harms: Transforming the whole system approach’ on Wednesday 22 May 2024 in Hounslow, to present CESIUM – Trilateral’s groundbreaking child safeguarding AI solution.

PIER24 is the Policing Institute for the Eastern Region’s annual conference that brings together high profile national and international speakers dedicated to tackling the global challenge of child sexual abuse (CSA) online.  The two-day event invites leading voices from sectors such as technology, policing, public protection and academia to discuss the changes required to help safeguard young people.

Gavin Day and Dr Julia Muraszkiewicz attended presentations from Annie Hudson, the Chair of the Children’s Safeguarding Review Panel , Guillermo Galarza from the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children, as well as Richard Fewkes, the Director of the NPCC Hydrant Programme.

Since its inception, CESIUM, co-designed with Lincolnshire Police, has revolutionised the force’s approach to data collation, sharing and analysis. Issues with data management are often cited as key points of failure in child safeguarding cases; Trilateral’s background in data protection, cybersecurity and emerging technology, along with their subject matter expertise has put them in a unique position to drive these critical changes. CESIUM reduces pre-screening time by 80%, allows for a 34% early referral rate, and identifies children that would otherwise be ‘lost’ in the data.

On how CESIUM will support ongoing CSA issues, Gavin Day commented:

“Over the past couple of days we have heard from a range of speakers regarding the issues of online child abuse and the global effort to deal with it. The one thing that I continued to hear, whether it was on or offline, was the issue of taking a joined-up approach and being able to share information to ensure early intervention.

There is some fantastic work taking place however we need to embrace the technology we have available and CESIUM gives us the proactive capability we need to identify, understand and deal with the exploitation of children.”



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