Child safeguarding AI solution wins prestigious DataIQ Award  

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Child safeguarding AI DataIQ Award


Trilateral Research |

Date: 29 September 2023

CESIUM, a groundbreaking AI solution for child safeguarding developed by Trilateral Research and co-designed with Lincolnshire Police has won DataIQ’s 2023 Award for ‘Data for Society’.  Trilateral Research’s CEO and CTO, Kush Wadhwa, and Director for Sociotech Innovation, Dr Hayley Watson, were in attendance to receive the award: 

Being recognised for the work we have been doing for the past 5 years to execute on our vision for combatting chid exploitation is equally gratifying and humbling.  We know that CESIUM has the potential to make a difference in the lives of so many children, in that of their families, as well as the larger community.  It is an honour for all of us at Trilateral to have our work recognised, and we look forward to the hard work ahead of rolling CESIUM out across the UK.

Kush Wadhwa, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Technology Officer




The state-of-the-art software revolutionises the current approach to child safeguarding. A validation exercise was conducted by Lincolnshire Police in 2022, with live data demonstrating its potential to identify vulnerable children much earlier. CESIUM enabled 16 vulnerable children to be identified up to 6 months before the existing process.  Further analysis proactively identified three vulnerable children for pre-screening risk assessment who had previously been concealed in the data. 

The validation exercise also indicated an increase in operational capacity of 400% within a Safeguarding Partnership setting, and a decrease in time spent on administration – a reduction from 5 people researching, gathering and analysing data over 5 days, to 1 person analysing all near-real-time data within 20 minutes. 

Over the coming months, the team at Trilateral Research hope to share the knowledge we have gained on AI best practice across policing and with wider Safeguarding Partnerships, driving forward our vision of multi-agency data sharing and identification of vulnerability to continue supporting the proactive safeguarding of children.

Dr Hayley Watson, Director, Sociotech Innovation




Watch Trilateral’s award winning submission video for CESIUM here 

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