Groundbreaking child safeguarding AI solution wins ‘Tech for Good’ National Technology Award

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Trilateral Research |

Date: 24 May 2024

Trilateral Research’s Dr Julia Muraszkiewicz and Lincolnshire Police’s Jon McAdam were in attendance at the 2024 National Technology Awards (NTAs) on Thursday 23 May, to receive the award for ‘Tech for Good’ for the groundbreaking work on Trilateral’s child safeguarding AI solution, CESIUM.

The NTA for ‘Tech for Good’ recognises organisations using technology to improve the lives of others and the world around us – an area CESIUM has excelled. In validation exercises, results indicated an 80% reduction in pre-screening time for ‘at-risk’ children, 34% earlier safeguarding referral, and a 400% capacity uplift. CESIUM is now being showcased around the UK as an example of how AI can be used responsibly to support child safeguarding activities.

CESIUM, also shortlisted for the ‘Best Public Sector Project’ NTA, has led pioneering sociotech methodology for social good:

  • Developing a ‘co-design’ approach with Lincolnshire Police
  • Enabling robust, reliable data sharing agreements
  • Providing training and support to drive confidence in CESIUM

On the impact of CESIUM on local safeguarding partnerships, Lincolnshire’s Detective Chief Superintendent Jon McAdam commented:

The advancements in technology and the ability to work with a forward thinking and innovative partner such as Trilateral Research on the development of CESIUM has been an absolute privilege.  Whilst Artificial Intelligence is something that is widely discussed in today’s society, when we started on this journey it was only a consideration of how this could enhance our capability.  The codesign approach we have been able to progress between Trilateral Research and Lincolnshire Police has meant we could truly enhance technological advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with a socio-tech approach, with the outcome meaning we can identify children at risk at the earliest opportunity and work within our county safeguarding arrangements to keep them safe.  It is fantastic that CESIUM has been recognised by the National Technology Awards, with this being received with sincere thanks to all those who have worked so hard behind the scenes to make this a reality.



On why CESIUM represents such an innovative solution in the ‘Tech for Good’ space, Trilateral’s CEO Kush Wadhwa commented:

Since the beginning, our end goal for CESIUM was to produce a solution that supported and empowered local communities in their safeguarding efforts.  But we have delivered something that we believe will reach far beyond that goal, providing innovations that are truly groundbreaking and that set the standard for Responsible and Ethical AI.  Working with Lincolnshire Police as a partner in this effort has given us the deep insights we needed to address challenging societal problems and we believe that CESIUM will prove transformative across the UK safeguarding community as we endeavour to protect the most vulnerable amongst us. We very much appreciate the recognition from the NTA in receiving this award, and look forward to continuing on this journey.



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