Irish Compliance Institute’s podcast interviews Trilateral Research experts ahead of EU AI Act

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Date: 22 January 2024

In December, Trilateral Research’s ethical and responsible AI experts, Dr Rachel Finn and Dr Zachary Goldberg, joined ‘The Compliance Files’ podcast for their episode discussing AI and ethics. The podcast, hosted by the Compliance Institute of Ireland, leads discussions on regulatory scheme compliance – a topic that is becoming increasingly important as new responsible AI regulations emerge.

Being interviewed on the podcast, Dr Rachel Finn, Director, DCS and Head of Irish Operations, Trilateral Research, said:

An ethical AI approach comprises two things – ethics-by-design when developing solutions and a shared responsibility model with clients or customers when deploying them. In the context of the “by-design”, it’s important that developers take a sociotech approach that includes an interdisciplinary team of data scientists, ethicists, subject matter experts.



Trilateral has been working directly with the Compliance Institute to raise awareness among compliance officers in Ireland about responsible AI and the proposed EU AI Act. The podcast was also accompanied by an article in the Winter 2023 edition of Irish Compliance Quarterly and a presentation at the South East Regional Chapter event in June.

Dr Zachary Goldberg, Ethics Innovation Manager, Trilateral Research explained:

AI ethics serve as the foundation for much of the current regulations being developed and passed. It is ethical principles like fairness or accountability that constitute the principal content of these regulations. In the context of the EU, it was the High Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence that  defined 7 principles for responsible and trustworthy AI, which in turn shaped the requirements in the AI Act for high-risk tools.



You can read more about Trilateral Research’s approach to ethical AI here, and the responsible AI services they offer here.

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