Latest CESIUM results demonstrated at National Police Chief Council’s conference

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Date: 20 February 2024

On Tuesday 20 February 2024, experts from Trilateral Research and Lincolnshire Police presented CESIUM, a revolutionary child safeguarding AI solution, to a packed audience at the National Police Chief Council (NPCC)’s ‘Advanced data analytics in policing’ conference in Stratford Upon Avon.

The conference, the first of its kind for the NPCC, provided a unique opportunity for those in attendance to understand advanced data analytics policy, the development of a centre for data analytics, and innovative solutions already being developed and delivered in policing – including CESIUM.

Speaking prior to the conference, Deputy Chief Constable Chris Todd, Police Service Northern Ireland and NPCC Data Analytics lead said,


Advanced data analytics tools and techniques have the potential to radically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the service we deliver to our communities.



CESIUM has the potential to work across force and agency boundaries, providing a single source of truth to radically enhance safeguarding professionals’ capability to identify and protect the vulnerable.  Currently being implemented in Lincolnshire Police force, the solution can provide a centralised, cohesive approach to child safeguarding analysis – fitting the NPCC strategy to provide holistic solutions that work across all 43 forces in England and Wales.

A key topic for discussion at the conference was ethics, data protection and data sharing. Gavin Day, Trilateral’s Client Relationship Lead for CESIUM, and Dr Hayley Watson, Director Sociotech Innovation, gave detailed insight into their groundbreaking ‘shared responsibility model’.  The model addresses ethics and data sharing issues head on, ensuring that all parties within a Safeguarding Partnership, alongside Trilateral, have equal responsibility for the management and processing of safeguarding data and the use of ethical AI.

Addressing the issues around data sharing, and how CESIUM can support the streamlining of multi-Partnership working, Gavin Day said,


GDPR doesn’t stop you sharing data, it just sets the rules on how you do it. Trilateral have the experts to help safeguarding professionals with information sharing agreements and Data Protection Impact Assessments to set the rules to the game from the start, so everyone is clear on what they can and can’t share. We work with internal data compliance officers to provide research-driven, evidence-based advice, ensuring that data protection does not exist in a silo and that the highest level of data protection is in place.



Find out more about Trilateral’s approach to ethical AI here.

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