Trilateral Research showcases Ethical AI to Royal Family during Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

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Trilateral Research meets King Charles III


Kush Wadhwa | Chief Executive Officer

Date: 7 April 2022

There are important moments in your professional career that you always remember: your first day on your first job, closing a big contract with an influential client, rolling out an innovative product to the market. Recently, I had the pleasure to enjoy one of those moments that gave me and the entire Trilateral team reason for celebration. Trilateral Research was honoured to have been selected to meet King Charles III, known as HRH Charles, Prince of Wales at the time of our meeting and Queen Consort Camilla, formerly HRH Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. We talked to them about our ethical AI solutions as they toured Ireland in connection with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Trilateral Research meets Queen Consort Camilla

Trilateral Research meets King Charles III

Trilateral Research was selected by the Industrial Development Agency (IDA Ireland) and the Waterford Chamber of Commerce as a model for innovation in Waterford. We were privileged to have the opportunity to showcase active examples of our STRIAD® platform built using ethical AI to address complex societal problems, such as combatting human trafficking and modern slavery, tackling climate change and understanding the civilian environment in crisis situations.

We presented our approach to partnering with our customers to help solve complex societal problems, which leverages 15 years of research and deep subject matter expertise, with our Sociotech for Good methods including privacy by design, data protection, data ethics, and explainable AI. King Charles III was engaged and interested in learning about our work to tackle complex societal problems, including our efforts around climate change.

Being recognised for our innovations, as well as the interest in our work from other local and national dignitaries and journalists, reinforced the clear need to apply ethical AI solutions to societal problems. Public sector organisations have not yet had the opportunity to gain insights and efficiencies from AI, and any solutions provided must take account of the complexities of the problems alongside the legal and ethical requirements when processing data about the most vulnerable in our society.

As we continue our journey to create solutions to tackle challenging societal issues such as food security, child exploitation and migration, amongst others, we hope to enjoy many more moments showcasing the possibilities of ethical AI. I also look forward to sharing more opportunities like this with Trilateral’s team of brilliant and inspired social scientists, researchers, ethicists, data scientists, engineers, and others who innovate to enable our work to help save lives.

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