Police Oracle leads with CESIUM roll out

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Trilateral Research |

Date: 4 December 2023

Police Oracle, the UK’s leading independent policing news service, last week reported on the roll out of CESIUM, Trilateral Research’s child safeguarding solution, across Lincolnshire Police force.

Reporting on how CESIUM integrates into existing systems, Police Oracle confirmed “the software runs algorithms across the force’s case management systems NICHE and COMPACT (missing persons) – using risk identifiers including the Cambridge Crime Harm index as well as adverse childhood experiences and other research data which can inform police at what point a child could be susceptible to risk of harm and vulnerable to being exploited.” 

 Speaking with Police Oracle DCS Jon McAdam, Head of Crime Directorate, Lincolnshire Police stated, “What we’ve got is a versatile tool that is running across police data, as live as we can make it in order to give us a live time update on how susceptible the risk is for that child.”  

 You can sign up to Police Oracle and read the full article here. 



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