Report on responsible and trustworthy AI published by Innovate UK and Bridge AI

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Date: 1 November 2023

On Tuesday 31 October, Innovate UK and Bridge AI published their ‘Report on the Core Principles and Opportunities for Responsible and Trustworthy AI’ (RTAI). The report, developed by Trilateral Research, provides an RTAI framework for organisations across the UK, advancing the UK to the forefront of artificial intelligence. 

The report underscores the urgent need for a robust AI regulatory framework, one that places AI principles on a statutory footing and establishes a clear responsibility and liability framework for all AI actors. … By promoting innovations, capitalising on commercial opportunities, and establishing regulatory consistency, the UK can solidify its position as a forerunner in the global AI arena.

Innovate UK and Bridge AI



With insights relevant for both the public and private sectors, the report provides a common frame of reference for core principles, key innovation priorities, commercial opportunities and policy and standards development relating to RTAI. Ultimately, the report provides concrete takeaways that UK organisations – including industry, policy makers and research funders – can use to confidently identify, implement and support RTAI solutions. 

Given the pace of development and the massive investments being made in AI, it is clear that strong guidance is needed now to find the right balance between the value delivered by AI in economic terms and what is needed to ensure that AI does no harm, and in fact, becomes a force for good.  It is entirely possible to have both, and this report provides the concrete frameworks and steps to follow to ensure that AI tools are developed with safety, trustworthiness and responsibility in mind.  Our own experience in developing Ethical AI provides context for this and we are pleased to support the UK’s role as a leader in RTAI, differentiating the UK as the global leader in this sphere and providing opportunities for economic growth across the UK.

Kush Wadhwa, CEO, Trilateral Research 



AI is a tool that streamlines and improves many of our day-to-day activities already. However, the speed at which it is now developing, paired with easier, wider accessibility, has led to a heightened risk of misuse. With the release of this report, and the first AI Safety Summit being held in the UK on 1-2 November 2023, it is clear that RTAI is the most reliable, robust approach to this rapidly growing technology.  

You can find out more about Trilateral Research’s work on RTAI here.

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