Trilateral Research discusses responsible AI with Kenyan delegation during UK visit

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Date: 7 June 2024

On Thursday 6 June, Trilateral Research’s CEO Kush Wadhwa and the team working on the RAISE project, including Chris Nathan and Matt Buckley, were invited to present to a partnership and peer learning delegation from Kenya organised by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office. The meeting took place in the FCDO offices in London.

The delegation visited the UK to learn more about AI research, AI safety, the UK’s research ecosystem and ongoing efforts to develop AI standards. They also aimed to explore potential UK-Kenya cooperation, including future research partnerships. The delegation included representatives from Kenyan academia, the Bureau of Standards, the Ministry of ICT and Digital Economy, members of Parliament and the Senate, the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner and the National Bureau of Statistics.

Whilst in the UK, the delegation met with several leading organisations in the fields of science, technology and research. These included The Alan Turing Institute, The Responsible Technology Adoption Unit in the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology, the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Royal Society and UKRI.

Kush Wadhwa introduced Trilateral Research and our work in Responsible AI, including Trilateral’s approach to co-design and AI governance and assurance, as well as our socio-technical approach to AI product development.  On Trilateral’s approach to Responsible AI, he commented,

“For AI to be effective, the socio-technical approach ensures not only a deep understanding of the problems being addressed, but also reflects the culture and values for the environment where it is being deployed.  When operationalised in this way, Responsible AI will ultimately result in greater efficiencies and better outcomes.” 



Trilateral’s flagship ‘Report on the Core Principles and Opportunities for Responsible and Trustworthy AI’ was also presented as part of the meeting.

The RAISE (Responsible generative AI for SMEs in the UK and Africa) project is a RAI UK funded Impact Accelerator project in collaboration with The University of Nottingham. The project is building upon the team’s experience with the ethics of AI to produce usable guidance for SMEs about how to make use of new generative AI technologies in a responsible and ethical way. The first draft of this guidance is already available, and will be refined over the lifetime of the project. On the 1st July, RAISE will be holding a virtual workshop for SMEs introducing these draft guidelines. Interested participants can register here.

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