Trilateral Research responsible AI expert speaks at Innovate UK and Bridge AI event

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Date: 25 January 2024

On Thursday 18 January 2024, Trilateral Research’s Ethics Innovation Manager Dr Zachary Goldberg joined a roundtable of experts in the responsible AI industry to discuss the findings of the Core Principles and Opportunities of Responsible and Trustworthy AI report, developed by Trilateral Research on behalf of Innovate UK and Bridge AI.

Discussions at the event, ‘FutureScope High Growth AI Accelerator Showcase’, confirmed that across all sectors, there is an increasing interest in responsible AI. Trilateral Research’s work has helped to define the challenges currently faced and provides innovative, cutting edge solutions. Dr Goldberg outlined Trilateral’s unique Sociotech approach, including ethics-by-design, co-design and its shared responsibility model.

On attending the event, Dr Goldberg said:

The technological tools that organisations create reflect values and value choices. It’s up to each organisation to decide which values and choices they want to be reflected in their products. Embedding responsible AI into product development and organisational policies helps create trustworthy products that protect and promote individual rights and societal and environmental wellbeing. The FutureScope High Growth AI Accelerator event is an important step to help industry organisations see how to operationalise these values while simultaneously advancing technological innovation.



Trilateral Research drives responsible AI innovation through practical principles, policies and processes, implementing these in its own products, including CESIUM, its child safeguarding solution, and STRIAD:AIR, its air quality and public health monitoring solution. It also provides support across industries via its AI assurance services.

Also in attendance at the event, Toby Fenton, Senior Product Manager, Trilateral Research, said:

As the requirement for AI across sectors continues to grow, it is critical that it is developed and implemented ethically and responsibly. At Trilateral, we have an implicit understanding of why this is so important and is the reason why our Sociotech method is embedded in each solution that we develop. Ethical and responsible AI is something we’re passionate about – we look forward to supporting organisations from all sectors as they move forward with AI.



You can find out more about Trilateral Research’s approach to ethical and responsible AI here.

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