Trilateral’s AI solutions showcased at Interpol ’Crimes against children’ meeting in Lyon, France

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Date: 14 March 2024

Trilateral Research’s Head of Programme – Exploitation and Violence, Dr Julia Muraszkiewicz, attended the 40th Operational Meeting of the Interpol Specialists Group on Crimes Against Children (SGCAC) on Tuesday 12 March 2024 in Lyon, France, to lead a session on ‘AI technology currently being deployed in UK policing in support of child sexual abuse / exploitation (CSA/E) investigations.’

Interpol’s SGCAC meets annually to enhance the investigation of CSA/E, with multi-sector input, including law enforcement, public and private sector organisations and NGOs. The meeting drives best practice, identifying new trends and the facilitation of new techniques that can be adopted.

This year there was a clear focus to improve victim support and recovery, showcasing a commitment to victim perspectives and victim-centred approaches in combating crimes of this nature.

Trilateral’s Honeycomb application supports this approach, using Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities to champion survivors’ voices; better understanding the problem profile of human trafficking and modern slavery. Dr Muraszkiewicz presented Honeycomb to the audience as well as CESIUM, Trilateral’s flagship ethical AI software that supports efforts to combat CSA/E. Dr Muraszkiewicz gave an overview of the solutions, including a detailed account of the various tools and frameworks developed to support CESIUM and Honeycomb, including sociotech methods, ethics-by-design frameworks, co-design approach, and shared responsibility models.

On attending the event, and its importance in combatting child exploitation, Dr Muraszkiewicz commented,

Attending the event at Interpol in Lyon was an incredible experience, allowing us to witness first-hand the remarkable strides being made by law enforcement, NGOs, and tech companies worldwide. It was an honour to contribute to the dialogue by sharing insights into our ongoing efforts to develop tools that empower those combating child exploitation. Our commitment remains steadfast in supporting and enhancing the critical work of safeguarding our most vulnerable.



Find out more about Trilateral’s approach to ethical AI here.

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