Trilateral’s Principal Data Scientist joins Turing AI UK Fringe Event on ‘AI and Vulnerable Individuals’

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Date: 21 March 2024

On Wednesday 20 March 2024, Trilateral Research’s Principal Data Scientist Dr Anita Nandi joined experts at the University of Westminster for an AI UK Fringe Event on ‘AI and Vulnerable Individuals and Groups: Law and Data Science’.

The event brought experts in academia and industry together to discuss the technical and legal aspects connected to the protection of vulnerable individuals and groups when developing and deploying advanced analytics, machine learning, and other AI solutions.

Alongside Dr Gianclaudio Malgieri, Associate Professor of Law and Technology, Universiteit Leiden, and event host Dr Filippo Marchetti, Senior Lecturer in Law and Technology, University of Westminster, Dr Nandi explored the issue of individual and group vulnerability in AI development, starting from the closest regulatory regime for the protection of fundamental rights in technology.

Trilateral’s ethical, responsible approach to the development and deployment of AI ensures the protection of vulnerable individuals, minimising the risk of harm and discrimination. Dr Nandi provided an in-depth insight into this approach, through its work on the company’s flagship CESIUM AI application, which supports child safeguarding efforts, and Honeycomb, which drives a deeper understanding of exploitation using AI.

On the importance of this event, and why developing ethical, responsible AI is critical in the protection of vulnerable individuals, Dr Nandi commented,

Vulnerability is not a helpful concept in isolation, vulnerability only makes sense within a context. When developing AI systems, such as CESIUM, it is vital to understand the context they will be deployed in, who is vulnerable in this context and under what circumstances. This socio-technical understanding is critical to build responsible, fit-for-purpose tools that benefit society.



Learn more about Trilateral’s approach to ethical, responsible AI here.

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