Consultancy Services

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Our consultancy services comprise part of the end to end ethical AI driven solution we can offer you to aid your decision making around the complex societal issue you face. 

We also offer them as stand alone offerings.   

Sociotech Insights

We will help you unpick and solve the complex challenge you face

Taking an interdisciplinary approach, we will help you derive value and insights from third party data, the information you hold and the context you are operating in, uncovering previously hidden approaches and solutions to your problem.

Innovation & Research

Research that creates innovation and sustainable impact

We focus our efforts where we can help enhance societal wellbeing. Focuses of our research include crisis and defence, law enforcement and community safeguarding, health, climate, environment and energy cyber security, ethics, human rights & emerging technologies.

Data Protection

Data governance services

As more and more services, systems and processes move online, organisations are handling more data and sensitive information at speed than ever before. We can support you to ensure you have all data processing procedures and checks necessary.

Cyber Security

Minimise the risk of cyber attack for your organisation.

Cyber security issues can cause you significant financial costs, impact the trust the public has on your organisations and institutions and cause stress for your stakeholders and end users. We can work with you to implement practices, guidelines and controls that mitigate these risks.


Our services are available to purchase through G Cloud, please follow this link

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