Maximise the value of healthcare data and better protect patient records to maintain trust

How can data protection unlock the value of healthcare data?

Healthcare data is extremely valuable. In particular, aggregating and analysing large-scale healthcare data using compliant data analytics tools may offer new insights in relation to diseases and facilitate innovation, resulting in better patient outcomes.

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Processing patient data includes embedded risk

Healthcare data and patient records pose a number of benefits to healthcare practitioners and patients, alike. However, healthcare data is also highly valuable to cyber-attackers. This is because of the richness of personal, medical, and financial information contained within each patient record. As a result, processing healthcare data inherently poses potential organisational risk.

What does the fallout of a data breach look like?

Healthcare data breaches not only leave patients vulnerable but pose several challenges for the organisations that fall victim to them. Having the appropriate safeguards can minimise and prevent the likelihood of fallout.

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Benefits of data protection in the healthcare sector

Appropriate data protection practices enable organisations to achieve better medical care and discovery.

How to do it right

If you want to ensure that your organisation is taking the rights steps towards compliance, download our guide, which outlines best practices to align your website with the latest data protection regulations.
This guide includes:
  • Do’s and don’ts of cookie compliance
  • Examples of best practices
  • Instructions for using Cookie Management Platforms (CMPs)
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