Cybersecurity Services

Minimise cyber risks for your organisation and your customers

Cybersecurity issues can cause you significant financial costs, impact the trust the public has in your organisations and cause stress for your stakeholders and clients. 

We can work with you to implement measures that: 

  • Narrow your potential attack surface 
  • Turn your employees into a first line of defence 
  • Comply with all standards
  • Protect the data you use and in turn, your reputation.  

Read on to find out more about our services, or contact us today for an informal discussion about your data management, compliance or security needs.

Our services:

Information Security Policy Development

Cyber Essentials Certification Support

Security Awareness Training

CISO as a service

Our approach

We will work with you to identify and implement the best solution for your organisation, by following a rigorous process comprised the following steps:

  1. Information Systems Auditing
  2. Security Maturity Assessment 
  3. Vulnerability Scanning
  4. Penetration Testing

Case studies

Assisted the legal department of a major European institution to translate legal information security requirements into cross-organisational encryption standards. Bespoke training programme for the legal team – combination of legal expertise and technical expertise. 

Assisted a national hospital with response and recovery following an attack on hospital and larger Trust systems. This included mapping evolving threats, instituting alternative communication protocols, liaising with authorities, assessing and prioritising recovery actions and improving internal practices to minimise the impact of future attacks. 

New and emerging technologies always impact individuals and communities in society. However, researchers, developers and end-users need information on how those impacts will manifest. We identify promising new trends and develop scenarios and foresight exercises to anticipate, assess and optimise how to leverage emerging technologies to transform specific sectors. We also secure innovation funding to advance responsible machine learning applications that improve data literacy and enhance societal wellbeing.

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