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Any action on climate change, clean energy, green deals, and just transitions require deep, interdisciplinary, and collaborative engagement that stands between society, technology, and the environment. Emerging technologies and societal practices can shape a better future, but only if we work across innovation, public policy, and meaningful citizens involvement, paired with a critical assessment of the potential impacts of the choices we make.

Our multidisciplinary research approach brings you together with our social scientists and technology developers to develop the fullest possible insight into the issues you face.


We have worked with a number of stakeholders and organisations to further understanding of energy, ecological issues and their impact on society.

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TRIM Air Quality Project

Urban air pollution remains a serious environmental problem, and as urban air quality declines, the risk of health issues such as stroke, heart disease, lung cancer, as well as chronic and acute respiratory diseases increase.


aqua3S creates innovative methods and standardises existing technologies to be adopted by water facilities and offers guidelines to policymakers on improving water security and management.


The EERAdata project supports policymakers decision-making in energy efficient investments by providing evidence, based on building-stock, energy and environmental data analysis.


Alexandra König Orcid, Tally Hatzakis Orcid, Alexey Andrushevich, Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf, Eliva Vasconcelos, Carolina Launo Orcid, Laura Alčiauskaitė, Steven Barbosa, Kristina Andersen, Open Research Europe, 29 March 2022
Publication Type: Journal Articles and Conference Papers, Climate, Environment and Energy

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