Crisis & Security

Enhance disaster resilience and address impacts of crisis on civilians and infrastructure

Crisis and security situations are inherently complex and their consequences have both short term and long term impacts on the local and global population.

We can partner with you to understand the causes, influences and impact of problems from disasters such as flooding to man-made crises such as war.


We have collaborated with a number of national and international organisations to help understand and respond to the impact crisis and security issues can have on societies and populations.

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PREPARE develops new tools and train-the-trainer modules for frontline practitioners to enhance the resilience of children exposed to violent extremist environments.


popAI aims to foster trust in the application of AI in the security domain by promoting the ethical and socially sustainable application of emerging technologies


Firelogue supports and coordinates the consolidation of knowledge from the wildfire risk related Green Deal Innovation Actions and the wider community.


We have researched the impact and management of crisis and security issues extensively. 

Ryszard Piotrowicz, Julia Muraszkiewicz, Human Trafficking Search, 28 December 2021
Publication Type: Other, Defence, Crisis & Human Security, Ethics & Human Rights

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Our additional products & services


We can support your journey to unpick and understand the defence, crisis or human security issue your research focuses on, using STRIAD, our ethical AI software.

Data Protection & Cyber Risk

We can support you to ensure you have all of the data processing procedures and checks necessary for your organisation and the work you do.