Address the technical, organisational and human factors to enable effective cyber resilience

Cybersecurity issues can cause significant financial costs, impact the trust the public has on organisations and institutions and cause stress for individuals.

Our research methods take a strong privacy- and ethics-by-design approach to guide your project from proof of concept through to commercialisation to ensure alignment with societal expectations.


Cybersecurity is of significant importance across the world. We have partnered with companies and institutions all over the world to assist in assessing and overcoming the issues cyber crime can create.

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CYBERSPACE creates investigative tools and promotes collaborative responses to tackle cybercrime and cyberattacks in the EU.


PREFET develops a platform that helps researchers to detect promising research trends, facilitating long-term, multidisciplinary and collaborative research projects.


SOTER is developing new technologies and a cybersecurity awareness training programme to prevent cybercrime risks in the financial sector.


Cybersecurity has been an important area of research for us for a number of years 

Alexandra König Orcid, Tally Hatzakis Orcid, Alexey Andrushevich, Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf, Eliva Vasconcelos, Carolina Launo Orcid, Laura Alčiauskaitė, Steven Barbosa, Kristina Andersen, Open Research Europe, 29 March 2022
Publication Type: Journal Articles and Conference Papers, Cybersecurity

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