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New and emerging technologies always impact individuals and communities in society. However, researchers, developers and end-users need information on how those impacts will manifest.

We identify promising new trends and develop scenarios and foresight exercises to anticipate, assess and optimise how to leverage emerging technologies to transform specific sectors. We also secure innovation funding to advance responsible machine learning applications that improve data literacy and enhance societal wellbeing.


We have undertaken a number of research projects in this domain, you can read about them below.

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Suvivor’s Engagement

The survivor's engagement project seeks to include the voices of survivors of modern slavery and human trafficking in the upcoming The Modern Slavery Strategy.


These crimes against vulnerable people are being carried out with new information and communication technologies. Enforcement agencies can struggle to keep up with the pace of technological change and the new ways in which the technology is used.

NDAS Modern Slavery Assessment

The National Data Analytics Solution (NDAS) is a new, scalable and flexible analytics capability for UK law enforcement using advanced analytics to deliver insights.


The ethical use of technology is fundamental to what we do, as such we have written a great deal on the topic.

Rowena Rodrigues, Marina Diez Rituerto, Journal of Responsible Technology, Volume 9, April 2022
Publication Type: Journal Articles and Conference Papers, Ethics & Human Rights

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