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The use of technology in health and medical sectors is expanding at pace. This has significantly improved the ability to diagnose and treat medical conditions and advance the health and general well-being of people across varying contexts including in the hospital and at home. Accompanying the design and use of these technologies are critical ethical and privacy concerns.

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iToBoS supports healthcare practitioners in the diagnosis of skin cancer, by developing ethical AI-based solutions for improving dermatologists’ diagnostic accuracy.


PANDEM-2 works with national, EU and international stakeholders to develop new solutions to address the impact of future pandemics in Europe.


Health care is a complex topic, we have explored its nuances extensively.

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Publication Type: Book Chapters, Ethics & Human Rights, Health

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We can support your understanding, decision making and solution to the health care issue your research focuses on, using STRIAD, our ethical AI software solution.

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We can support you to ensure you have all of the data processing procedures and checks necessary for your organisation and the work you do.