Law Enforcement & Community Safeguarding

Prevent and manage crime and terrorism and safeguard communities


Criminal activity and the innovations law enforcement agencies (LEAs) use to combat it are becoming increasingly technologically advanced.

Our multidisciplinary research approach brings you together with our social scientists and technology developers to develop the fullest possible insight into the issues you face.


We have undertaken a number of research projects, with multiple aims and outcomes across law enforcement and community safeguarding issues.

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These crimes against vulnerable people are being carried out with new information and communication technologies. Enforcement agencies can struggle to keep up with the pace of technological change and the new ways in which the technology is used.

NDAS Modern Slavery Assessment

The National Data Analytics Solution (NDAS) is a new, scalable and flexible analytics capability for UK law enforcement using advanced analytics to deliver insights.


Project Honeycomb is an intelligence led approach to combating human trafficking and modern slavery across Greater Manchester, enabling the Greater Manchester Combined Authority to take action on data that is spread across different organisations.


Law enforcement and community safeguarding are crucial elements of societal wellbeing, we have written extensively on these issues.  

Peter Wieltschnig, Julia Muraszkiewicz, Toby Fenton, Journal of Modern Slavery, A Multidisciplinary Exploration of Human Trafficking Solutions, Slavery And Humanitarian Response Supplemental Volume 6, Issue 3, 2021
Publication Type: Journal Articles and Conference Papers, Defence, Crisis & Human Security, Ethics & Human Rights, Law Enforcement

Our Law Enforcement and Community Safeguarding Solutions

We have had the privilege of collaborating with a number of Police Forces across the UK to help them overcome significant problems within their communities.


CESIUM has been built with safeguarding professionals as a tool to inform and support their work in combating and preventing child exploitation


Honeycomb uses data to understand human trafficking and modern slavery in Greater Manchester.

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We can support your journey to understand and solve the law enforcement or community safeguarding issue your research focuses on, using STRIAD, an ethical AI platform.

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We can offer you data protection, cyber-security and information governance advice, that is unique to your situation.