Data Governance & Ethics by Design

In contexts where data compliance is a high priority, you cannot afford to compromise on security and sustainability


In using the Sociotech Insights Group services our clients:

  • Gain extra levels of data security via Trilateral’s Data Governance services
  • Benefit from expertise in conducting privacy, ethics and gender impact assessments to understand the consequences of actions on society and individuals
  • Provide an explainable AI framework, i.e., tools to help you understand and interpret machine learning models in your solutions to improve model performance and behaviour

Integrated principles of security, privacy and ethics allow you to:

  • Enhance the immediate and long-term societal acceptance of solutions by ensuring transparency and sustainability
  • Improve your understanding of how machine learning works and your ability to recognise and mitigate risks of bias in data
  • Achieve comprehensive algorithmic transparency
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Our services are available to purchase through G-Cloud.

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