Data Services & Intelligence

Sometimes the data needed to solve your challenge is already available for expert curation, sometimes it isn’t


You may need to go beyond analysing and visualising your data and enrich your datasets or even create it from scratch to arrive at the desired solution. At all times, interpreting the data landscape is a key part of the puzzle.

As experts in data curation, creation and interpretation, we support with the following:

  • Determining the most suitable data sources and format to deliver timely, actionable and locally relevant insights
  • Identifying discrepancies between what you want and the available data
  • Creating new data sets where gaps currently exist
  • Collecting valuable data through rigorous research
  • Validating data sets and sources, including those you already have
  • Preparing, cleaning and structuring data to make it usable for your purposes within the cloud environment provided by the STRIAD® platform
  • Understanding and assessing the limitations and biases associated with data
  • Developing machine learning algorithms, natural language processing tools and statistical analysis functions to extract insights from your data sets and communicate via user-friendly visualisations
  • Data validation, agile verification and user acceptance processes

Useful data comes in many different shapes, sizes and languages and can remain hidden in places many wouldn’t even think to look. We will help you find opportunities for insight and our support in finding and working with data will give you more time to achieve your aims.

Our integrated data validation and agile verification processes add an extra level of guarantee to the sustainability of your solution and that it fits your context of operation.

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Our services are available to purchase through G-Cloud.

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