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We can help you understand the context of social complex problems and how to adopt new technologies to solve them


Understanding the context of complex social problems and adopting new technologies to solve them can be challenging and disruptive for organisations and people. Through our training service, we can help you develop an in-depth understanding of a topic and help you learn how to apply this knowledge to your context and turn it into actionable insights. We offer courses in person, virtual and as e-packages that you can use anytime and anywhere. You can use one of our existing courses or we can work with you to develop a bespoke course just for you.

Areas of applied expertise:


  • Human trafficking / modern slavery
  • Child exploitation, victimology and criminology
  • Human security and protection of civilians
  • International humanitarian, human rights and criminal law
  • Internal displacement and refugee law
  • Business and human rights
  • Risk Communication

Ethics and new technology:

  • Ethics of technology including explainable AI
  • Using data for good

Through the training, you will:

  • Acquire a comprehensive, applied understanding of the subject, including its implications for your particular area of work
  • Understand how innovation interacts with and can support the operationalisation of domain-specific insights
  • Network with others in your field and establish relationships to continue learning and development after the course
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