Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty

In a recent blog post titled “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty,” Dr David Wright, Dr Richa Kumar and Dr Evangelos Markatos explore the growing threat of foreign information manipulation and interference (FIMI) in elections worldwide. The post discusses the various ways in which FIMI is disrupting democratic practices and the potential countermeasures that […]

The socio-economic impact of child exploitation in the UK


Criminal and sexual exploitation present a significant national threat to children. The numbers are greatly concerning, with more than 16,000 children being sexually exploited in England every year, and more than 27,000 at high risk of criminal exploitation by organised gangs. Latest government Children in Need (CiN) release reports Child Criminal Exploitation as a factor […]

European Data Protection Board’s (EDPB) Coordinated Enforcement Action: Role and Responsibilities of Data Protection Officers (DPOs)

On 16th January 2024, the EDPB released a report based on the second coordinated enforcement action (CEF 2023), focusing on the designation and position of DPOs. This report follows a coordinated enforcement action involving 25 European Economic Area (EEA) supervisory authorities (SAs) under the EDPB’s CEF. This article delves into the recent report discussing the […]

ICO Issues Draft Guidance on Employment Records and the Recruitment and Selection Process

On 12 December 2023, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) released two draft guidance documents regarding employment practices and data protection, in order to help organisations identify their data protection obligations under the UK data protection legislation. The first guidance provides practical advice to employers on keeping employment records. The second guidance assists employers with compliance […]

The Impact of AI on Cybersecurity Threats and How to Best Defend Against These

The launch of ChatGPT marked a turning point in our Information age, the overnight surge in the uptake of AI it created has only continued to increase. This trend shows no signs of abating.  Whilst this era of AI offers humanity many significant opportunities for advancement, there are also important implications for cybersecurity. This article […]

Investing in AI to address human trafficking and modern slavery


This white paper advocates for heightened government support in integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into law enforcement strategies to combat modern slavery, human trafficking, and broader exploitation crimes. Acknowledging the private sector’s rapid adoption of AI and governments’ expressed commitment to leveraging technology for societal good, this paper contends that now is the opportune moment for […]

Understanding vulnerability to inform two-way inclusive COVID-19 communication


In this paper, the authors examine how there is a need to understand the concept of vulnerability and the information needs of vulnerable individuals, groups and communities through an intersectional lens in order to develop inclusive communication that is accessible to different groups. Two-way communication and ongoing interaction are a necessary step in ensuring that […]

A framework for regulating AI in the public sector


Technological and regulatory developments in the public sector across the globe signal a radical transition; the traditionally technologically conservative paper-based public sector is transitioning to a digitalised, tech-savvy, advanced and inter-connected system of public services, assimilating market features. Public services and infrastructure are being digitalised; artificial intelligence (AI) and other innovative technologies are being deployed […]

Call for papers: Reimagining ethical, legal, and social issues in a COVID era

Trilateral Research invites you to submit your paper for the “Reimagining ethical, legal, and social issues in a COVID era” track of the ISCRAM 2022 conference which will take place in Tarbes, France on 22-25 May 2022. The COVID-19 crisis has exposed the limits of current discourses around the benefits and harms of data and […]