Greek DPA imposes its highest to date fine on Telecom Providers 

On January 27, the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (DPA) imposed a fine of 6 million euros and 3.25 million euros to the mobile phone operator Cosmote and its parent company OTE, respectively. The companies were involved in a data breach caused by a cyber-attack occurred in September 2020 concerning the leakage of subscriber call data.   […]

Annual Report by the Data Protection Commission – Trends and Forecasts

The Data Protection Commission (DPC) has, on 24 February 2022, published its third annual report since its inception. The Annual Report 2021 highlights several achievements and large-scale inquiries that the DPC has concluded during 2021. The DPC observed a high volume of complaints (an increase of 7% from 2020) and reported data breaches and predicted […]

The GoDaddy data breach

GoDaddy is an American domain registrar and web creating and hosting company. As reported at the beginning of 2021, the number of customers of the company was 20.6 million, and has likely increased since as statistics show. As part of its services, GoDaddy offers domain names suited to the requirements of a new company, hosts […]

How to Mitigate Data Breaches resulting from Human Error

The most recent European Data Protection Board (EDPB) Guidelines aim at helping data controllers decide how to handle data breaches and what factors to consider during risk assessment. The EDPB guidelines have been updated post public consultation and thus adopt a case study based approach, so they appear as a practical tool to be considered […]

ICO and DPC Guidance Regarding Children’s Data and the Services aimed at Children

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Information Commissioners Office of the UK and the Data Protection Commission of Ireland recognise the special need for protecting the children and children’s data, including in the context of concerns around such data being used for various commercial purposes. Based on the principles of the GDPR, both authorities issued their guidance or set of standards […]

Understanding vulnerability to inform two-way inclusive COVID-19 communication

In this paper, the authors examine how there is a need to understand the concept of vulnerability and the information needs of vulnerable individuals, groups and communities through an intersectional lens in order to develop inclusive communication that is accessible to different groups. Two-way communication and ongoing interaction are a necessary step in ensuring that […]

Poking Holes: Distributed Ambivalence and Aesthetics in Sound Networks

Amid the current pandemic (COVID-19) disembodied presence has emerged as the new norm, revealing a world increasingly entangled with the technological and conceptual paradigm of the network. In this scenario, it is crucial to reconsider core axioms of the pervasive connectionist credo, acknowledging the empty space that a network subtends, the hollowness of its lattice, […]

A Surfeit of Data and the Importance of Explainability for Defence

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The defence sector is well aware of the strategic and operational benefits of harnessing big data. Both in kinetic and non-kinetic contexts, big data can provide mission critical information that can save lives and keep people safe.   Over the past few years, the high volume of data generated by military actors, NGOS, and human security stakeholders has reached almost overwhelming levels. As […]