Compliance teams, here is how to create a responsible AI culture

Compliance professionals are facing new pressures. For one, the EU AI Act will soon regulate how organisations build, provide, and use AI tools. In tandem, AI tools are proliferating across departments, from customer service to accounting.  How can compliance teams effectively govern tools that are not only becoming more regulated, but that they are not […]

Responsible AI doesn’t impede innovation – it supports it. Here’s why

Following the passing of the AI Act, it’s not entirely surprising that the conversation around responsible AI is surging. In medtech, for instance, there are concerns that the Act doesn’t fully align with the EU’s current Medical Device Regulations.   What I have found surprising, however, are concerns that AI governance could hinder innovation. This is […]

The future of hobbies: How AI is shaping our leisure time 

The technology of artificial intelligence (AI) has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years, beginning to influence every aspect of our lives. From energy and transportation to healthcare and business, AI is transforming industries and reshaping how we live and work. But what about our hobbies? How will AI impact the things […]

The UK’s new vision for responsible and trustworthy AI

At Trilateral Research, we turn the promise of ethical AI into reality, tackling complex social problems head-on. But what does it take for AI to be “ethical”? Our latest report, commissioned by Innovate UK and BridgeAI, outlines an answer to this question for the UK. The ‘Report on the Core Principles and Opportunities for Responsible and Trustworthy […]

Is AI in safe hands?

This week, the UK has played host to the world’s first AI Safety Summit, driven by a critical need to remain ahead of a technology that is developing at an unprecedented pace. With the EU AI Act close to implementation, and other countries racing to keep up, it’s no surprise that the UK government took […]

AI in Law Enforcement: Balancing power, innovation and ethics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionising science and industry, and extending increasingly into citizens’ daily lives. Concerns about how these powerful new tools might disrupt relations between the public and state are widespread, particularly in the law enforcement arena where tensions (such as those embodied by the Black Lives Matter movement) are routine. Within Trilateral Research’s […]

Frontier AI: Heading safely into new territory

Frontier AI heading safely into new territory

AI is having a breakthrough moment. The technology is rapidly shaping into a transformative force used within countless industries and affecting millions of people daily. As an important enabler, frontier AI is at the forefront of this transformation. The proliferation of AI applications built on frontier AI models raises questions of ethical and social relevance. […]

Can AI overcome human bias?

A common adage in computational science is ‘garbage in, garbage out’. This means that whatever is put into computational systems is reflected back in the outputs of those systems. So, if you feed AI models with ‘garbage’, ‘garbage’ is what they will produce. Similarly, if you feed biased information into AI models, they will produce […]

Strengths, safeguards and ‘Shadow AI’: Assessing the UK government’s AI guidelines

Last month, we wrote about how generative AI could be used in the civil service, encouraging governments and civil servants to familiarise themselves with the benefits and risks of this new technology. The article reflected one of our central beliefs: AI is coming, and bringing with it serious ethical, legal, privacy, and social risks. Responsible […]

Bots and bureaucracy: Could AI become the new civil servant?

Just as every action has its equal and opposite reaction, it seems that every proposed use of generative AI has its downside—usually the first step towards economic collapse, a technological super-elite, or some other catastrophe. But as big tech pushes AI ahead, it serves nobody to stand paralysed at the brink of a slippery slope. […]