EDPB instructs Irish DPC to expand infringements against Instagram in €405M fine


This month (September 2022), the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) issued a decision which included the imposition of a fine on Meta related to its social media platform, Instagram. The Meta fine was issued by the DPC following input from Supervisory Authorities from other EU Member States into the DPCs draft decision and a subsequent […]

Mapping and understanding human factors in effective cybersecurity: a finance-sector organisation case study

The role of human factors in cybersecurity has gained increasing interest in the past decade. Social science research methods can provide a unique avenue for obtaining a holistic overview of how cybersecurity is both implemented and perceived within an organisation. One-to-one semi-structured interviews were conducted with 17 participants from a finance sector organisation. Five themes […]

Designing the (data)Hive: Principles-based decentralised architectures

Decentralised architectures and networks are slowly embedding themselves into the technological and societal landscape, empowered by communities of like-minded people who strive to alter the existing socio-economic order by leveraging peer-to-peer (P2P) technologies. In this article, we discuss one such initiative, Swarm, by drawing relations between its developed set of community-centred, bottom-up Fair Data Principles […]

How to deal with Processors: Facts and hints to do it in an efficient way

Data processors

How to deal with Processors: Facts and hints to do it in an efficient way Data controllers must consider the management and control of processors, as a priority prior to commencing new projects or during their development, with any parties with whom personal data is shared. Data controllers are, however, subject to investigations, often resulting […]

The EDPS Annual Conference 2022: Trilateral’s involvement and key take-aways

EDPS Conference

On 16 and 17 June, Trilateral Research was pleased to attend and present at the 2022 EDPS Conference on “Effective Enforcement in the Digital Age”. The conference was attended by leading academics, activists, practitioners, regulators and policy-makers, and featured several high-level keynote speeches by individuals like Max Schrems (NOYB), Wojciech Wiewiórowski (EDPS) and Shoshana Zuboff […]

Data augmentation for fairness-aware machine learning: Preventing algorithmic bias in law enforcement systems

Researchers and practitioners in the fairness community have highlighted the ethical and legal challenges of using biased datasets in data-driven systems, with algorithmic bias being a major concern. Despite the rapidly growing body of literature on fairness in algorithmic decision-making, there remains a paucity of fairness scholarship on machine learning algorithms for the real-time detection […]

Operationalising Human Security in the Contemporary Operating Environment: Proposing Population Intelligence (POPINT)

Drawing upon primary research funded by the UK Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA), researchers from Trilateral Research explore the use of data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) for operationalising human security in the contemporary operating environment. The idea of human security has gained much traction in the international community since its introduction in a 1994 […]

The Digital Avatar on a Blockchain: E-Identity, Anonymity and Human Dignity

In order to comply with specific regulations (eIDAS, Payment Services Directive, Anti-Money Laundering Directive) and reduce risk profiles, financial service providers increasingly collect large amounts of information from their customers. The increasing opportunities and technical means for data collection afforded from digitalisation raise legal concerns related to proportionality, necessity, and data minimization. This paper will […]