Enhancing analytical capability to support safeguarding professionals in tackling child exploitation – interview with Jon Betts, CESIUM application project manager


Jon Betts is the lead for public sector at Trilateral Research and has been developing the CESIUM application within Trilateral’s STRIAD cloud platform from concept stage through to production and delivery phases as the Project Manager. In this interview, we discuss the challenges that CESIUM solution will tackle and its impact as a game-changer in […]

Building a smart support platform for pandemic prediction and management


Infectious diseases have the potential to result in serious cross-border public health threats. Management of this type of crisis remains a serious challenge due to the number of people involved, the different legal, administrative, professional and political cultures, and the lack of transboundary crisis management infrastructures.  Trilateral has joined 37 organisations from across the EU […]

The Carrefour case study – Common errors in data protection and cookie compliance

Bavarian DPA resized

CNIL has fined Carrefour France €2.25M for GDPR and e-Privacy violations and Carrefour Banque €800,000 for similar breaches. The fines included violations related to the placement of cookies on user’s devices as well as their processing of personal data contrary to the requirements of the GPDR. This article looks at the specific practices that were […]

Understanding how COVID-19 exacerbates existing inequalities and vulnerabilities


Since its emergence in 2019, COVID-19 has become a topic of daily conversation due to its wide-scale impact on all areas of our lives. Much of the language around the coronavirus is anchored around the word ‘risk’. Medical and Governmental authorities have provided us with copious amounts of guidance regarding risk – often construed through […]

The experiences of victims of crime with the Garda Síochána: Interim report


We are proud to be working with the Irish Policing Authority to investigate and understand crime victims’ experience with the Garda Síochána (the police service of the Republic of Ireland) and the impact of these interactions. This project, which started in January 2020, will provide important insights into: The nature and quality of victims’ experiences The impact […]

Helping SMEs better cope with the GDPR

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As part of the STAR II project, TRI has been working on better understanding how small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have coped with the GDPR, and the challenges they have faced. The project has also researched how EU data protection authorities have attempted to support SMEs and the guidance they have made available. Since then, […]

Data protection and marketing: optimising your outreach activities

Data Protection and Marketing

Marketing is a necessity for any organisation. Private companies and organisations offering goods and services require marketing to publicise their messages and attract new customers. Similarly, charities, non-profit, and research organisations require marketing to  share the outputs of their work with relevant audiences in a timely and effective fashion. However,  many organisations are nervous about […]

Data governance and data protection compliance within the social enterprise, charity and the third-sector

data Protection and social enterprise

Social enterprises, charities and other third-sector organisations are doing important work safeguarding vulnerable individuals and providing essential services. However, they face unique challenges when it comes to data protection compliance. In fact, the person-centred approach of these organisations, though essential for providing services, means that data protection may not always be prioritised. How can we […]

Fostering a data protection culture within universities and academic institutions

Data Protection in academic institutions

Universities and academic institutions are complex organisations where compliance with issues like data protection can vary greatly. On one hand, you have departments, groups and institutions at the cutting-edge of research practice where new ideas, policies and processes are approached enthusiastically. On the other hand, some departments and research clusters may take more traditional approach, […]

How to keep COVID-19 temperature checks privacy compliant

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In order to protect staff, customers and visitors from exposure to COVID-19, many businesses and organisations are installing temperature checking systems to monitor individuals when on-site. It is important, however, to ensure that business owners fulfil their (new) public health management assistance in a manner which respects privacy, data protection and personal sensitivities. Maintaining a […]