Industry and sector bodies have a key role in raising the awareness of small and medium sized companies about data protection


Small and medium-sized companies have data protection responsibilities under the GDPR. EU Data protection authorities have a legal duty to raise awareness and educate about these issues. Based upon interviews and surveys Trilateral conducted with SMEs, data protection authorities, data protection officers and industry bodies, this paper explored their perceptions and concerns. In this paper […]

Personal data protection breaches and employer liability

In the course of their activities, employees are often tasked with handling and managing personal data of colleagues, contractors or the public. Employees are then responsible for complying with data protection law on behalf of the employer, who is the data controller or processor. Whereas the relationship between employees and employer is of mutual trust, […]

Providing safe educational technologies – a guide for educators

The current response to the Coronavirus is making massive changes to all our lives, but it’s also accelerating various existing trends. One of these has been to move education online, due to the closure or suspension of schools and universities. Educators have had to move incredibly rapidly, in order to get something that works well […]

Improving cybersecurity for remote workers

Flexible working arrangements have been a growing trend in recent years, allowing staff to balance office life and the daily commute with working from home. In some cases, organisations have developed a fully remote workforce. This has been possible because the technology and tools that enable these ways of working have evolved in recent years […]