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Advancing cybersecurity knowledge and improving the cyber resilience across borders and sectors

Cybersecurity is not just a technological challenge – it affects individuals, businesses and countries. Its effectiveness, or lack thereof, has economic, societal, political and security implications. Our team provides cutting-edge, multi-disciplinary research and innovation in cybersecurity to a wide variety of institutions and organisations. Our socio-economic impact assessments, threat and cybersecurity market analyses, and our insights into European Union cybersecurity certification schemes contribute to the development of new standards and policies for policymakers and decisionmakers.


Building trust

Staying ahead

Our research and innovation help cybersecurity providers keep on top of cybercrime and cyberattacks

Knowledge transfer

Staying resilient

Cyberattacks can happen to anyone. Resilience through information and knowledge helps mitigate the damage

Knowledge sharing

Staying connected

Our work connects relevant stakeholders and builds trusted networks to facilitate the sharing of information, knowledge and good practices

Tailored security

Staying ethical

Our cybersecurity research and solutions consider and address ethical issues, such as privacy, transparency, explainability and confidentiality

Impact and Achievements

Our research collaborations and service outputs provide actionable insights and are valuable tools for policymakers and decisionmakers working to tackle the technical, human and organisational drivers of cybercrime. We help law-enforcement agencies and judicial authorities investigate and prosecute cybercrime more effectively. We also work with commercial partners and cybersecurity providers to understand the full extent of cybercrime and the cybersecurity market in Europe and globally.

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Featured from our Knowledge Library

Cybersecurity strategies

Harmonising European cybersecurity strategies to tackle cybercrime

Trilateral leads 12 partners from across the EU in a three-year Horizon 2020 project examining the drivers of cyber-criminality in the EU with a special focus on the factors that lead young people to cybercrime.

combatting cyber criminality

Combating Cybercriminality by Understanding Human and Technical Drivers

Our researchers authored an article for the European Law Enforcement Research Bulletin focussing on the socio-economic impact of cybercrime and the challenges for law enforcement agencies.

David Wright

Presidential Lecture Series | “The Ethics of Technological Self-Defense” with David Wright

 In April 2022, the American University of Paris hosted its 60th-anniversary Presidential Lecture Series on  Technology and the Human Future, with a guest lecture from David Wright, Trilateral’s Chief Research Officer, in a talk entitled “The Ethics of Technological Self-Defence.” 

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