Fostering a data protection culture within universities and academic institutions

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Data Protection in academic institutions


Dr Rachel Finn | Director, Data Protection & Cyber-risk Services / Head of Irish Operations

Date: 11 October 2020

Universities and academic institutions are complex organisations where compliance with issues like data protection can vary greatly. On one hand, you have departments, groups and institutions at the cutting-edge of research practice where new ideas, policies and processes are approached enthusiastically. On the other hand, some departments and research clusters may take more traditional approach, with a preference for established practices and policies.

Managing compliance and creating a harmonised approach within this diverse context can be very challenging. It is one thing to make plans for data protection compliance, but one must ensure that these plans work their way into the daily routines of all employees

How can we help?

Trilateral begins by assessing  your organisations’ current level of compliance with data governance standards, including data protection documentation available and current practices. Trilateral often uses interviews and observation sessions with key individuals to capture “informal” policy and practice, even where documentation does not (yet) exist.

Once we perform this assessment Trilateral equips your organisation with a data protection roadmap, prioritising action items and employee training, to foster a culture of data protection throughout your organisation.


Trilateral prioritises simple changes in procedures or different ways of using existing technology to develop a harmonised process across the organisation, guaranteeing a consistent compliance approach. For more information on how Trilateral can support you, please refer to our list of services or get in touch with one of our advisors for support on your compliance journey.

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