Working together to design new technologies to fight crime and terrorism

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Dr Filippo Marchetti
- Head of Strategic Impact
Dr David Barnard-Wills
- Research Innovation Lead

Date: 18 May 2018

Organized crime and terrorist organisations are often at the forefront of technological innovation in planning, executing and concealing their criminal activities and the revenues stemming from them.

Trilateral Research has worked in many projects aiming to develop solutions to tackle cybercrime, terrorist activities and understand their use or novel technologies. We would like now to join other partners to write a proposal for the upcoming H2020 EU project aiming to develop new technologies to enhance the fight against crime and terrorism, and, in particular, subtopic No 2 (Digital Forensics in the context of criminal investigations) or subtopic No 4 (Open). Read here for more information. The deadline for submissions is 23 August 2018

developing new technologies to fight crime and terrorism

The call explicitly mentions that proposals should lead to solutions developed in compliance with European societal values, fundamental rights and applicable legislation including in the area of privacy and protection of personal data. Societal aspects (e.g. perception of security, possible side effects of technological solutions, societal resilience) have to be addressed in a comprehensive and thorough manner.

Due to our knowledge of research ethics, data protection and privacy within multi-partner projects, Trilateral is an ideal partner to ensure that the project adheres to European and national principles on ethics, research and innovation, and that it complies with the new and tighter data protection standards.

We have taken part as partner or coordinator in more than 40 EU-funded projects where we have provided our expertise in areas such as:

  • Data protection, including Data Protection Impact Assessment;
  • Privacy by design;
  • Ethical-social-legal issues/impact analysis;
  • Legal analysis;
  • Social science research in support of technology development;
  • Research ethics;
  • Innovation management;
  • Stakeholder mapping and engagement;
  • Dissemination, exploitation and communications.

Trilateral can provide 14 years of experience in writing proposals as well as support for the dissemination of the project through our dedicated marketing team.

Please contact our team if interested in working with us on this call.

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