Data Protection

The practical support organisations need to understand and address data protection requirements

We embed in your organisation and work across teams to ensure you mitigate internal and external risks, comply with legal requirements, align to best practices, and protect your customers’ data and your reputation. We can help whether you are getting started, need large-scale support, or just need an expert opinion.


Up to date compliance documentation

Achieve peace of mind that your statutory documentation and compliance materials are regularly reviewed and updated.

Organisation-wide assurance

Rely on our holistic approach to identify and mitigate risks across the organisation

Joined up approach between data protection and IT

Benefit from a signature methodology that blends legal and technical requirements in a holistic approach

Freedom to focus

Avail of extra resources for complex issues, time-consuming tasks and special projects.

Well-trained staff

Support your future compliance by accessing our select library of specialised training programmes

Service Portfolio

As more and more services, systems and processes move online, organisations are handling more data and sensitive information than ever before. 

Our compliance support services help you make data protection an asset to your organisation, reducing your risk profile and supporting your staff to be an effective and reliable first line of defence. 

Career Development

Why Trilateral Research?

Career Development

Commitment to Quality

We review quality regularly. Our data protection and cyber-risk services are consistently positively evaluated by our clients. We have a 100% renewal rate on multi-year contracts, alongside repeat business and referrals. To find out more, please contact our team.


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