Incorporate ethics and privacy measures in security research projects for successful research outputs

Why are privacy, data protection & ethics important in the security sector?

In the security sector, many research projects achieve success by working with end-users to solve problems. This often involves the collection, storage and analysis of personal data, which may interact with the rights and freedoms of individuals.

As a result, there is a need for a systematic approach to data protection in order to provide a set of recommendations for developers and researchers to consider during all stages of the project.

Why are privacy
Using impact assessments

Using impact assessments to mitigate risks

At Trilateral, we conduct privacy impact assessments to evaluate the potential risks and identify mitigation measures to ensure sustainable technological innovation and tools.

Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) is a continuous process through which Trilateral:

  • Studies a particular technology, product, service and/ or data processing activity;
  • Identifies arising privacy and data protection concerns;
  • Consults with external stakeholders;
  • Proposes technical and operational measures to mitigate such concerns in collaboration with designers and developers.

Impact assessments interrogate all aspects of the project from a privacy perspective, in order to prevent bias and produce outputs with full transparency.

How to do it right 

Trilateral Research has long-standing experience carrying out privacy impact assessments in numerous research and innovation projects at both a national and EU level. Our multidisciplinary team includes social scientists, legal scholars, technology and data protection experts who employ an interdisciplinary and flexible approach to privacy impact assessment. We adapt our services to meet the specific needs of your research and development activities, allowing you to build and use state-of-the-art solutions that respect privacy without hindering innovation.

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