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Develop new technologies using a privacy-by-design approach to ensure sustainable outputs

Why is compliance important for technology development?

Many new and emerging technologies gather, ingest, store process and analyse data. It is essential to ensure that data governance concerns are incorporated in the design and development of these technologies, in order to ensure their success and sustainability over time.

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Using privacy-by-design to achieve data governance

At Trilateral, we adopt a privacy- and data-protection- by design approach to technology development.

This means working with privacy professionals and end-users to identify and assess potential privacy risks, and working with technology designers to institute mitigation measures from the conception to implementation phases of technology development.

How to do it right

Organisations developing innovative technologies often understand the need to respect and protect privacy but are unsure how to adequately address these issues during the development process. Furthermore, organisations often recognise that strong data protection and privacy protections will make their products and services more attractive to customers; but they are unsure how to start the process.

The Trilateral Research Data Protection and Cyber-risk team have extensive experience working with technology developers and end-users to facilitate ethics-, privacy-, and data-protection-by design approach to technology development. This is essential for sustainable outputs that your customers can trust.

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