Climate, Environment & Energy

innovation for an
inclusive, sustainable,
and climate-resilient

Our research addresses climate change, environmental and energy challenges to support a sustainable green transition

Climate, environment, and energy challenges are among the most important issues we face as a society. Our problem-driven approach advances interdisciplinary collaboration on addresses environmental challenges at the interface of policy, research, society, and technology.



Stakeholders matter

Emerging technologies and societal practices can lead to a better future, but only if we work across innovation and public policy with the meaningful involvement of all stakeholders

Mitigating unintended discrimination

Timely innovative solutions

We help develop innovative solutions that go beyond the technological state of the art to realise Green Deal visions. The urgency of the climate crisis needs the potential of data, technology and society to make a significant difference

Knowledge sharing

Ethics and social impact

The transition towards sustainability needs to be fair and just. Traditional environmental impact assessments may not always account for impacts of technologies on people especially vulnerable groups. Trilateral’s assessments include ethics, human rights and social considerations

Tailored security

Environmental data for good

Our researchers use environmental data to generate new understanding and know-how and to support a more conscious and effective decision-making for a tangible impact to our societies

Impact and Achievements

Our research activities and service outputs provide practical insights and solutions to address climate, environment and energy transition challenges. We support policy makers, public institutions, private organisations and society in addressing these challenges in a responsible, sustainable way, paying due attention to ethics and human rights.

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