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Ethics matters

Way too often we see technology companies create Artificial Intelligence solutions that fail to adequately consider their impact on individuals and societies.

At Trilateral Research, we are working to change this.

Our Ethical AI solutions tackle complex social problems using cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, data visualisation and integration, and cloud computing, with a strong focus on ethics and data protection as the key catalyst for a sustainable use of AI in the future.

We focus on transparency, accountability, and fairness to develop human-centred AI applications that are tailored to each client’s needs and effectively supports their decision-making processes while protecting individuals and achieving strict standards of explainability.

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Facts and Problems

of government and large company contracts will require some sort of ethical AI and explainability by 2025 (source)

of ethics experts say ethical principles focused on the public good won't be adequately used in most AI systems before 2030 (source)

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the contribution of AI to the global economy by 2030 (source) 


STRIAD Analytics Platform

STRIAD is our secure, cloud-based, Ethical AI platform delivering data-driven solutions to customers across a range of contexts and sectors.


CESIUM Application

CESIUM augments safeguarding decision-making by identifying and prioritising children at risk to harm. 

Air Quality & Pollution


STRIAD:AIRQUALITY helps local authorities understand and leverage air quality and pollution data in their area to support urban planning and citizen welfare.



STRIAD:HAMOC is a situational awareness and decision-support application servicing a data-driven understanding of the human environment in complex operational scenarios.

STRIAD Ecosystem

Today’s societal problems are complex and multi-faceted. Technology has the power to help in incredibly valuable ways, but we believe it’s people who are (and should) remain at the heart of solving our biggest problems and making the right decisions. That’s why our ethical AI products are embedded in an ecosystem of sociotechnical services, from data protection and privacy to in-depth subject matter expertise. Read more about our sociotechnical approach here

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