Shedding Light on Compensation Rights for Survivors of Human Trafficking

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Dr Julia Muraszkiewicz | Head of Programme Against Exploitation and Violence

Date: 26 March 2024

In a recent guest blog for techUK, Julia Muraszkiewicz, Head of Programme Against Exploitation and Violence at Trilateral Research, and Prof. Ryszard Piotrowicz from Aberystwyth University discuss the importance of ensuring effective access to compensation for survivors of human trafficking. The authors highlight a landmark ruling by the European Court of Human Rights and emphasize the need for states to fortify their commitment to the right to compensation, as well as prioritize ancillary rights. The blog post also shares findings from the RESTART project, which reveal a significant lack of awareness among survivors regarding their entitlement to compensation and how to seek help or advice when making a claim. To learn more about this crucial issue and the recommendations put forth by the authors, read the full blog post here.

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