Ethics, Human Rights & Emerging Technologies

through ethics
and human rights

Responsible and sustainable innovation creates positive social and environmental change and adds value for business

We help our partners and clients embed human rights, ethical and social values in the development of new and emerging technologies, as well as during their whole lifecycle. We apply Ethics, Human Rights and Privacy-by-design approaches to assess the overall impact of emerging technologies with a strong stakeholder-engagement component.


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Responsible innovation

We put responsible innovation principles, ethics, human rights and societal values into practice in research protocols and technology design

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Trust in science, research and innovation

We foster public trust in science, research and innovation through stakeholder engagement and co-creation


Interdisciplinary dialogue for impact

Through interdisciplinary dialogue, our work addresses social needs and challenges

Transparency and explainability

Ethical AI

Our Ethical AI is built on in-depth ethical, legal and social science research

Well-trained staff

Responsible business through responsible innovation

We help clients create new business opportunities through cutting-edge technologies and innovative products and services to meet societal or environmental needs

Impact and Achievements

Our team achieves high research impact through our commitment and passion to ethics, human rights, emerging tech and responsible innovation. We empower innovation through stakeholder engagement activities and developing credible and relevant solutions to address the ethical and human rights challenges of emerging technologies. We engage with innovators, researchers, businesses, policymakers, civil society actors, ethicists and lawyers to stimulate socially-desirable and responsible innovation and make impact.

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“Ethics by Design” for new and emerging technologies

Testimonies from our partners

Prof. Dr. Dirk Lanzerath

EUREC, the European Network of Research Ethics Committees, and the DRZE, the German Reference Centre for Ethics in the Life Sciences at the University of Bonn, have been working successfully with Trilateral for a long time in the analysis of ethical challenges arising from emerging technologies. This has been done intensively for many years in the EU projects SIENNA and SHERPA, for example, and continues in TechEthos, VERITAS and iRECS. The careful ethical analyses in the projects are always synergistically combined with the investigation of attitudes of different stakeholders from European civil society in order to make them available for the development of policy recommendations and training materials for various applications. Trilateral brings diverse skills to this work through creative colleagues. The cooperation not only creates successful joint products for the European discourse, but also gives great pleasure due to the pleasant collegiality, which we would like to share with Trilateral in the future.

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