Webinar: What is the Role of Ethical AI in Safeguarding Children? A CESIUM Case Study.

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Trilateral Research |

Date: 7 October 2022


Find out how Trilateral Research and Lincolnshire Police used Ethical AI to find 16 vulnerable children months before they were referred by a safeguarding professional.

The growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the UK presents both risks and opportunities for safeguarding children. AI has the potential to improve operational processes so that safeguarding professionals spend more time on safeguarding and less time on administrating data. AI also has the potential to unlock insights that are otherwise hidden in general purpose tools. The risks, nevertheless, are in magnifying societal biases to create blindspots against vulnerable children. This webinar, will show how Trilateral Research is working with Lincolnshire Safegaurding Partnership to best harness the opportunities while mitigating the risks using Ethical AI.

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