public health
and wellbeing
through research

Our research supports the improvement and protection of public health and wellbeing while promoting sustainable innovation

We focus on enhancing health research and supporting healthcare preparedness and response to health emergencies. We carry out academic and applied research in ethical AI design and development in the healthcare sector, as well as research on ageing, chronic diseases, emergency/pandemic management, healthcare systems, and mobility solutions.



Enhanced decision-making support

Our research helps health organisations and stakeholders make decisions in complex and sensitive environments

Mitigating unintended discrimination

Responsible AI

We help maximise benefits and minimise the risks of AI technology with consideration of ethical and social values

Knowledge sharing

Manage risks and impacts

We help stakeholders identify risks and mitigate impact, including impact on vulnerable populations

Tailored security

Valuable insights

Our rigorous and interdisciplinary research provides valuable insights to improve public health and safety

Impact and Achievements

Our health and wellbeing research has contributed to substantial advancement of crisis management and policymaking in the context of health emergencies and inclusivity policy design. Our teams have worked with multiple institutions and partner to shape the future of health and wellbeing.

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Health Research Success Stories

Ljubica Latinovic

Technical Officer, EPI-WIN, Science and Knowledge Translation, Epidemic and Pandemic Preparedness and Prevention (EPP) Preparedness Division, WHO Emergency Programme (WPE/WHE), World Health Organization

I worked with Trilateral Research on the research to understand the role of dark social for risk communication and its potential in promoting health messages and engaging with communities during public health emergencies based on the lessons learned from COVID-19 in Western Pacific region. It as a pleasure to work with Trilateral team; everyone was very knowledgeable, always open to suggestions and it was smooth and very fruitful collaboration. The research has been used as a starting point to use more of insights received through dark social channels as part of social listening of the communities and to investigate further about the engagement of hard to reach and other groups through these less formally used channels. As the result of the findings, WHO WPRO has hired a consultant to continue the work on this topic.

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