Understanding exploitation
with ethical AI

Providing a data driven, evidence based approach to the understanding of,
and response to, exploitation and violence.

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Actionable Insights

Use insights on crimes of exploitation and violence for reporting, evidence and the development of strategies.

Understand the crime

Build a profile of the crime you are trying to understand in your area. Know the who, what, where and when.

Champion victims' voices

Harness the power of victim stories to gain an in-depth understanding of how and why crime happens.

Localised crime mapping

Understand the threats and vulnerabilities in your area to enable you to better allocate resources.

Travel route monitoring

Plan effective prevention strategies by using insights into how and why victims move between counties and areas.

Harness partnership data

Fully realise the potential of your data through a secure and legal data sharing network.


Honeycomb’s bespoke features ensure you have access to the latest information you need, when you need it – with purpose built functionality throughout.

Manage and share your data responsibly with our state of the art anonymisation algorithm.

Leverage your data to develop crime profiles, offering unparalleled insight into the intricacies of criminal activities.  

Analyse victim narrative with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and understand support requirements directly from their voices.

A dynamic mapping tool to analyse crime patterns and trends in your area and enhance strategic decision-making.

Understand how the problem profile of the crime you are analysing changes over time.

Extract insights on where modern slavery victims start their trafficking journey through to UK point of entry.

 Make full use of our data protection and privacy credentials to enable responsible and ethical data sharing.

Our approach to Ethical AI

Our Ethical AI solutions tackle complex social problems using cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, data visualisation and integration, and cloud computing, with a strong focus on ethics and data protection as the key catalyst for a sustainable use of AI in the future.

Use cases

White Paper

White Paper

Investing in AI to address human trafficking and modern slavery

This paper advocates for heightened government support in integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into law enforcement strategies to combat modern slavery, human trafficking, and broader exploitation crimes. The paper emphasises the immediate need for governments to collaborate with law enforcement agencies in adopting existing AI solutions or investing in the development of tailored technologies.

Our team

Subject matter experts​

We have a wealth of experience in law, criminology and victimology and human rights, providing expert insights and bespoke training to meet your needs.


STRIAD:Honeycomb is founded on robust research methods and insights, with our researchers informing development, validation, and use. Our researchers have subject matter expertise through academia, practice, and policy work.


Our ethicists provide a unique insight into all facets of the work that we do, identifying biases, and ensuring transparency, explainability, accountability and human-led decision making.

Data protection advisors

Our data protection advisors ensure that privacy, security, and fair treatment of personal data is at the heart of our solutions, implementing robust data governance practices throughout.

Data scientists​

Data science is core to our work, with our team developing robust algorithms, machine learning and insights to inform your decision making.

Engineers and designers

Our team of engineers and designers are dedicated to developing user-focused solutions that embody positive user experience, system performance and security in our products.

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